Tough Kookie 

8 month project- 2019 - WIP

Unreal Engine 4 - BluePrint/C++

Tools & System programmer​ - Team of 8

During my studies at Rubika's Supinfogame, the fifth year is dedicated to the conception of a full Vertical Slice. At the end of the fourth year, I joined the Tough Kookie Team! A groovy beat them up with management features. 
As Tessa Kirby AKA Tough Kookie a famous actress and director, you have to shoot the bests actions movies of the 70's!

What I Did
I'm the system programmer and the head programmer of the game.
During the pre-production I coded the construction system of the game. I made a system using the Event Dispatcher feature of UE to easily create new tools for the player. But this feature was cut after the pre-production.

After the pre-production I started over the AI programming: I had to create a crowd AI for a beat them up where the pawn had to be organized but had to look disorganized. 

I designed a clean architecture of the project to ease the implementation of new features and the utilization of the source control. I also create a dialogue system.
I did some UI programming : I create an override of the UE4 UI system to fit at our project. I also debug and build on this project.

What I Learned
So far I discovered new features of UE4 like the Event Dispatcher. I also learned how to make my blueprints cleaner. I'm also learning how to use C++ on UE4 with this project. As a head programmer I also managed to use my communication skills with all the team, to get the best from everyone. 

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