I’m Louis Celeyron, a game programming student at Rubika, Valenciennes, France. I started making games on RPG maker when I was 9, at 12 I continued my tests and my research on game design with software like Multimedia Fusion or Construct. Today I am still prototyping with this software, however, I use Unreal Engine 4  or Unity more often.

I have skills in gameplay programming and UI/UX programming, but my real passion is Tool Programming, which I started to practice in 2018.

I love learning new material, in various fields, such as, of course, Game Design and Game Programming, but also in science, zoology, cinema, and more!

I also like organizing events. I was on my school student council for 2 year and I spent more time organizing Game Jams than participating in them!

Feel free to visit my website and: