La Belle Games - Montreuil

Internship - 2019

Unity3D - C#

Tool Design - Team of 2


Detox, is a platform/couch game made during a Game Jam. During my internship, I was asked to restart the project from scratch and to create some tools to improve the workflow. I had to work from an office but my colleague and I did not have the sames schedules, I worked a month on this project and I had to change projects very quickly so I didn't have the time to finish what I had started on this project.

What I Did 

I restarted the project from scratch so I had to program the character movements. I used and improved some of my personal tools to quickly prototype the 3c and focus on my main task : a Level Editor

I did a lot of tests to find the best way to create a Level Editor simple and easy to use.  Eventually I created a string based serialization system and I put my level editor in a build Instead of an Unity Editor Window. 

I only worked a month on this project so I couldn't finish my Editor but I implemented a system to create walls and moving platforms. 

What I Learned

This internship pushed me to go out of my comfort zone of the Unity Editor to test new methods, new software and  new languages. I could test new ways to create and implement tools and I really enjoyed it. I also learned the constraint of a production when you can change projects from one day to another. 

More About this Project 

The Level Editor