6 Month Project - 2017/2018

Unreal Engine 4 -  Blueprints

Game Designer and Programmer​ - Team of 6


The main exercice of my third year at Rubika's Supinfogame was 

What I Have Done

I did a lot of task on this project because it was the end of the project and a lot of little tasks remained undone. My job was first to clean scenes and Plamakers scripts, then I had to fixed bugs on few scenes of the game. I Mainly worked on the biggest scene of the project. I cleaned it and i did a little bit of QA to find bugs then I resolved them. I also integrated assets for the project mainly animations.

Few programmers worked on this project before me and there was no cohesion so I had to clean and debug scenes with more than 3000 Game objects. To ease my task I took a day to code a tool for finding references in PlayMaker for me. 

What I have Learn

With this project I learn how important is to have a well organized project and to document the code for the next people who will work on the project. I Also learn how to work in a medium team with Sourcetree and Slack. For example we warned our coworkers when we changed scenes.

More About this Project

Website : http://www.labellegames.com/ 

The Steam Video of the game